First things first

Welcome! And thank you for visiting my page, apparently I use a sh*t ton (yes, sh*t ton is a formal unit of measurement, in my mind it’s about 9 elephants) of parenthesis SO just thought I’d warn you ahead of time. I’m new to this whole blogging thing and don’t know all of the rules, but I’m also sort of a rebel so I’m going to play by my own rules and hope you all enjoy! I’m always open to suggestions so please let me know if there’s anything you want me to talk about, post about, experiment with, etc. So I wanted to keep this page professional but I also want to keep it real because lets be honest, it’s not always sunshine and rainbows and fresh squeezed juice. Sometimes it’s cloudy and lightning and too many desserts. The journey into holistic wellness isn’t always a straight path and I don’t want anyone to get discouraged. SO on that note, I promise to keep it real, be honest with my mistakes, and show you that no one is perfect and THAT’S OKAY. It is more than okay actually, THAT’S JUST LIFE! I know what it’s like to look at a blogger or instagram model and think “I want to be just like them, they are perfect and have the perfect life”. Well I don’t want to portray an image that I’m not. I want to inspire you but also verify for you that life in fact has its ups and downs and not one of us bloggers is in fact perfect. Sure, it’s nice to put out the image that I have my sh*t together and that I have the perfect diet and make it to the gym everyday (yeah right), but again I’m here to keep it real and I promise to do that for you.

Before I introduce myself I want to start by outlining what this blog is about. Blyss started as an idea in my head a long time ago but I had no idea how to start or what would come of it. I came up with the name Blyss first as a way to insinuate the word bliss, because I believe everyone should live a life of pure bliss (or pretty damn close to it)! Secondly, it is an acronym for a saying I came up with “Be the Light You Strive to See”. Now, this may not make sense to some people, hell it may not make sense to anyone, but to me it holds meaning. It may have a different meaning to everyone and that’s okay! Everyone should interpret it in their own way and I hope every time you see the word Blyss you think of what it means to you. To me, “the Light” represents your best self. Your best self should be represented as inspiring others, displaying true happiness, and being in pure bliss. Another way to look at it is the light at the end of the tunnel, except that tunnel is your journey and the light at the end represents your goals and it’s not impossible to get to the end of that tunnel. The Light is what you visualize every morning and every day. And so now for the quote as a whole, well that’s easy, so be your ideal self! Be that person you want to be, the person you strive to be, the person that is the outcome of achieving your goals! Alright, so it should make more sense now. I hope so because sometimes when something is in my head I don’t have the easiest way of expressing it to others, but I hope that in the end you can hold Blyss to have a positive and inspiring meaning. Now that I’ve expressed the meaning of Blyss, let’s move on.

Honestly, I never thought I would have a blog. I thought that Blyss would just be my holistic nutrition counselling business but then I thought, “well, if I don’t prove my knowledge and dedication to holistic nutrition then who is going to want to take advice from me?” So, this blog is a way of me expressing my knowledge, thoughts, ideas, trials and errors, and just about everything else on my personal journey into holistic wellness. I also want to clarify that I am NOT a professional (YET), I am still in my graduate studies working towards my masters degree in holistic nutrition and then after that will be eligible to take the board certification exam, which I plan on taking so that I can become a more credible source of knowledge AKA a board certified holistic nutritionist. That is one of the goals I visualize every morning, and I thought well if I’m working towards my goal, let me help you achieve your goals as well! Let’s do this together and encourage each other and be the positive light in each other’s lives (because we can never have enough positive influences in our life). With all of this being said, all of my knowledge either comes from what I have learned from school or what I have learned from my own independent research. I am NOT a doctor and everything I suggest is just that, merely a suggestion based on personal knowledge or experience and I am not here to treat, diagnose or prescribe anything. I’m not here to say stop listening to your doctor and drastically change your diet and lifestyle overnight. You should still consult with your doctor before making any drastic changes, BUT I want to educate you enough to be able to also make your own decisions and eventually be at the point where you know your own body well enough to be able to know what’s going on and how to fix it. Basically, I am here to help guide you into holistic wellness and pure bliss!

I feel like I should now get to introducing myself and talking a little bit about my personal journey that I’m currently on. First off, my name is Kayla, I’m 25 years old, and I currently live in my little paradise called Aspen, Colorado. It’s a dream to wake up every morning being surrounded by mountains and sunshine (most days) and I couldn’t be more grateful to live here. Now I didn’t always live here, I grew up in a little town called Grand Ledge, Michigan. Still, a beautiful place, but after attending college at Michigan State, I knew I wanted to get out and explore and see what else of the world is out there. The whole story of how I got here could take some time to tell so maybe we will save that for another post if you want to hear it. For now, just know that I worked hard to get here and nothing was handed to me. I used to have a picture of the Maroon Bells (if you don’t know what it is, it’s the pics below!) as a background on my lock screen of my iPhone, just one way I visualize my goals. I always try to have something inspiring as my background (because we all know how much we look at our phones every day) so that way I visualize it over and over again all day! So, the reason I had the Maroon Bells is because it’s one of the most beautiful sites in Aspen and I wanted to live here. By visualizing myself living there over and over again, my visualization eventually came into play and everything in the universe fell into place exactly how it should have. So no, I’m not LUCKY to live here, and by that I mean I didn’t get handed a golden ticket, I MADE IT HAPPEN! And you too, can make anything you visualize happen in real life! You are in control of absolutely everything in your life, and I want to give you the courage to take control of your own life. Okay, so now I’m starting to sound like an annoying inspirational speaker so I’ll get on with my story. Anyway, I moved here when I was 23 and worked my ass off to live here and begin my life in a brand new city. In 5 years who knows where I’ll be (hey I don’t have EVERYTHING figured out, being real with you, remember?) but for now I belong here and I’ve made it my home. Like I said before, I’m in grad school working towards my masters degree in holistic nutrition. My boss (and one of my favorite people) is leaving Aspen to go live in Hawaii, and recently he said “if not now, then when”. He said this referring to his new position and move to Hawaii of course, and when he said that I knew that I needed to start Blyss. I used to always be worried about what people would say, how they would react to my writing and coaching, and the judgement of “oh look, another girl trying to blog”. But when he said that, I knew I had to do it and stop worrying about what others thought. If you don’t like my blog then don’t come to it and read it. And posting negative comments only makes a negative person, so do what you will! All that matters is that I’m achieving my goals.. are you?


The picture to the left is the one of the Maroon Bells I used to have as my lock screen, and the picture to the right is one I took myself a few months after I moved to Aspen. Make your dreams your reality!

This post may not explain a lot about me yet, but I feel like throughout my blog and as I start posting more, you’ll find out more about me little by little (like how I’m a weirdo and talk to my plants and believe it helps keep them healthy). So hang tight, and again ask whatever questions you please. If you know me, you’ll know that I can be a very open person so don’t be shy! If you want to know me then get to know me, if you’re in the area then let’s get coffee, if you want my guidance and coaching then keep up on my blog and ask me for personal health coaching! I want to end this first blog post by explaining how my passion for holistic wellness came about. I’ll have to give some credit to momma for this one. Now this doesn’t mean my mom is a sage burning, composting, tree hugging hippie dippie momma as you may think she is. She’s a sweet, funny, calm and level-headed momma and passed on many of these traits to me. Now I may be more sassy and swear more than she does (working on not swearing as much..) but I tend to be calm, level-headed, sometimes I can be funny? and I like to think I’m a sweetheart. Some of the values and ideas she instilled in me when I was younger were to work hard, treat others kindly, and that nothing is impossible. She acted as a role model for me to look up to and in terms of health, she was considered pretty healthy compared to most Americans now days. We grew up with soda hardly ever in the house. I had to beg her for fast food if I wanted it when I was younger, we had huge fresh salads for dinner multiple times a week, she NEVER forced me to eat or drink anything I didn’t like (I always thought cow’s milk was disgusting) and she taught me how to cook and take care of myself before I moved out of the house. I’ve always been pretty independent (does any girl ever stop needing her mom though?) and try to take the best care of myself that I can while still maintaining BALANCE in my life (balance is key). But anyway, so momma wouldn’t preach holistic health, but she taught me the simple way to live, and demonstrated to me that everything we ever needed was already provided by the universe and nature. She taught me that prescription drugs don’t cure anything, but just mask the problem and this is what first spiked my interest into the holistic realm. I can proudly say that I am not on any prescription drug, nor do I take prescription drugs not even hormone altering birth control, and I use whole foods and plants as my “medicine”. Nature is my medicine. So once I realized that there was this alternative world of medicine that wasn’t the medicine your family doctor prescribes you, I got off all prescription drugs (plan to do a blog all about my prescription drug hell) and it just started from there.

When I was 22 years old and a new college graduate, I moved to Grand Rapids to start working for a job that I was sure was my dream job (I did love that job and still miss it to this day). I got job at a startup company called Michigan Herbal Remedies (check them out!) This was truly a dream job. This company was mostly online based, we had a small store at the time but mostly we worked in an office keeping up with our websites, answering customer phone calls, educating people, traveling to trade shows all over the country, experimenting with new products, shipping orders, and lots more. It was fun, we worked hard, and we were making a difference in people’s lives. If you don’t know a lot about Cannabidiol (CBD), check out their site or give them a call to learn more. I had no idea what CBD was at the time but it didn’t take long for me to fall in love with it. This company is dedicated to providing the best quality CBD products there are and our goal was to help people. We didn’t care about making money, and I say this because there were trade shows we went to where we didn’t get any new clients or business partners, but hell, we educated a whole room of people about CBD. And that alone, just educating and helping people was enough for us to go home with huge smiles on our faces. So basically, working for this company heightened my love for holistic nutrition even more. I took CBD everyday (and still do) and wanted nothing more than to help other people reap the benefits of this amazing natural substance. Now I know you’re probably thinking “well, if this was a dream job then why’d you leave?” I didn’t leave because I was unhappy there or anything negative like that, but I left there so I could make my move to Colorado and well, sometimes you have to sacrifice a few good things to bring in even more good things into your life. I loved my job but I needed to get out of the state I was born and raised in and get out of my comfort zone or else I would have been stuck there forever. I still love and support this company and am beyond grateful for the knowledge and encouragement they provided me with.

So now we’re to the point where I got off all my prescription drugs and started taking CBD religiously. As I started diving into the holistic world and researching more and more everyday, my next goal was that I wanted to also get rid of toxic chemicals in my household (as much as I could). I am still slowly working towards getting rid of these toxic items, but I am still learning and still working towards this everyday. I also started using the power of visualization to manifest all the good things in my life, and using meditation as a form of medicine for my mental health. I also fell in love with yoga for my mental health and clarity (another thing I got from my momma), and also discovered my love for being outdoors and running, hiking, dog-walking, you name it. I used to be big into weight lifting but not as much anymore. I also love pilates and HIIT workouts for some good effective cardio. My advice on the fitness side of things, if you don’t love it, don’t do it! It may take some time to fall in love with fitness, but once you do, keep going! I remember when I first got a gym membership when I was 16, I used to do the elliptical for an hour straight and I dreaded it! I don’t know why I put myself through that torture but I did. I guess I thought that working out was supposed to be torture but make you feel better afterward. Don’t get my wrong I love the elliptical but now days I can’t stay on it for more than 30 minutes so I usually do it as either a warm up or cool down. Find what works for you and makes you feel good. So now I’m ranting, but what I’m trying to get at is, this is a little snippet of my journey into holistic health and how I got to where I am today. Explore, research, experiment, ask questions, don’t be afraid to try new things and find out what you like and what works for you. Like I stated before, it’s not always a clear and straight path but it gets easier and it gets better and it’ll make you feel amazing.

I wanted to talk about my diet in this first post but it’s already long so I’ll save that for another day. Food has been something I’ve always struggled with and have a love/hate relationship with and I’ll go more into detail and explain this all later. For now, I’m off the enjoy this beautiful day in the mountains. It’s a crisp, cool 60 degrees, sunny, and the fall colors are melting my soul right now. I hope I didn’t annoy anyone too much with my first post and my little rants but I promise there are many good things to come! Follow me on my journey and let me know how I can help you with yours.

Love, Light, & Blyss


2 thoughts on “First things first

  1. Nice blog! Can’t wait to read more!


  2. Very good blog and no you did not Bore me, keep up the good work Kayla and proud of you for making your dreams come true. Enjoy this beautiful fall day


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